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Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Our client sells custom-made pieces of machinery to help other companies get greater visibility at major events. They had two people working part-time to manufacture and sell their products.

Analysis of the Situation

The client had a working web site that was somewhat disjointed. Because of budget limitations, they were only able to optimize their site for a few key phrases with their former marketing company. They needed more focused phrases to market, and to have more pages optimized for the search engines. They had started a pay per click campaign with limited results to make up for the leads they were missing in the free results of the major search engines.

Implementation of a Solution

We redesigned their logo and web site to make it look more professional. We shortened their contact form shorter so visitors wouldn’t be more likely to fill it out. We also optimized their site to get more visitors so they would get more visitors through the natural search engine results, as well as took off some pages that the search engines considered illegal. We took took off some of their outgoing links so that visitors wouldn’t leave their site. With their pay per click strategy we increased the number of keywords they were bidding on and added conversion tracking so they’d know which phrases were working best for them.

The Results of Our Work

Within the first month of the implementation of the plan, their web site traffic was up more than 10 percent with more qualified visitors. Their ranking on the major search engines went up on more than 90 percent of their phrases. Within the last year their traffic has increased more than 50 percent. Sales have tripled since we have started working with them, which allowed one of the owners to leave his old job to work full-time with his business.

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